Easy Street

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Easy Street…

Sante Fe Burger EZ ST

At Easy Street, I had the Santa Fe Burger. I have to warn you, the score of this burger would have been a lot lower if it was not for the delicious nacho cheese that covered the top of the burger. Easy Street is a popular downtown Pittsburgh lunch and after work happy-hour spot. They have a huge variety on the menu, and there are a lot of really good options to eat and drink. I usually stick to the reuben sandwich, but my love of burgers guided me to an Easy Street Burger. They also offer some pretty good happy-hour specials, and usually draw a pretty good professional crowd after five.


The Santa Fe Burger is topped with roasted poblano peppers, “queso,” and blue tortilla strips. The tortilla strips added nothing to this burger, neither in the way of texture or flavor, and I imagine they are only included as part of the burger’s theme. The poblano peppers and the nacho cheese, on the other hand, contributed wonderfully to the overall experience. I love nacho cheese. I know its synthetic, but its delicious. The peppers were not very spicy, but provided a nice contrast against the cheese. They don’t serve burgers rare at Easy Street, but at least they were forthright enough to tell me this when I ordered. Overall, I would say that this burger was pretty average. I wouldn’t recommend making a special trip to Easy Street just to try the burgers.



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Pitts-Burgers6.01This place lacks character

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By Andrew Capone

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