My quest for the best burger in the city of Pittsburgh took me to NOLA.


NOLA has proven itself to be an excellent after work, happy hour hangout. There is always a great crowd, they have decent appetizer specials, including one dollar gumbo and discounted flat bread pizza, which are perfect for after work / pre-dinner sustenance, and the atmosphere is comfortable and casual.



This place is so cool in fact, one Friday evening at NOLA, my wife and I ran into the King of Social Media himself, also known as the circulator of all things chuckle-worthy, George Takei. But this isn’t a blog discussing the viability of locations for post work gatherings, Ill leave that to Pittsburgh Happy Hour. This particular Friday afternoon, I gathered a group of my friends, sat down at a table, and got down to burger business.



Compared to all the great things I have told you about NOLA’s atmosphere, the burger was subpar. Objectively, judging the burger independently of its ‘New Orleans Cool’ atmospheric influences, I would call this burger mediocre at best. It was overcooked, ordered medium rare and served almost well done, the meat was very dry with an unappealing texture, and the entire burger tasting experience was bland. The flavorlessness of the burger was most surprising, because the burger was covered with so many toppings, blandness was the last thing I expected. The burger was served with: ‘Voodoo Dust’ (a salt and spice Cajun rub), BBQ Pork Shoulder, Smoked Gouda, Onion Rings, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion. The only highlight of this meal was the Cajun fries, deliciously deep-fried and covered with the perfect amount of NOLA’s special Voodoo Dust.


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Pitts-Burgers5.16Everything about NOLA is great, except their burger, which is just ok


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By Andrew Capone

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