Roman Bistro

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to the Roman Bistro…


Roman Bistro has an impressive look and feel. Equipped with a proper looking modern bar lay-out, plenty of TV’s to catch the game, a large enough draft selection to maintain interest, and a friendly staff, the casual relaxed atmosphere creates a very comfortable dining experience. There is a huge dining area in the back of the restaurant, but we grabbed a table close to the bar, and sat down to try the burger.


The burger presented very well. I ordered Roman’s signature Roman Burger, covered with Pepperoni, Marinara, and Provolone Cheese. Upon first glance, the cheese had melted more beautifully than a painting and the bun appeared to be the perfect size. Unfortunately the bun could not hold up to the challenge, and this burger quickly became a mess, a delicious of pepperoni and red sauce hot mess, but a mess non-the-less. Overall the burger was mediocre, a bit too salty, undesirable texture, and nothing to write home about.

Roman Bar

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By Andrew Capone

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