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Silky’s pub is a great Mom and Pop style local sports bar with two easily accessible locations in the city of Pittsburgh. I have been to both locations, Bloomfield and Squirrel Hill, numerous times, and I have always had a great experience.  Although there is nothing modern, or sleek about the décor or atmosphere at Sillky’s, it’s a solid place to grab a beer, a bar bite, and catch a game. It is also a pretty great place to meet up with friends; they have some wide open spaces, and it’s a pretty casual and comfortable way to spend an evening or weekend afternoon. Also, if you are into bar games, and I very much am, both locations have an excellent full size bar shuffle boards; and if you happen to see me at Silky’s, I would be happy to wager a pint of Guinness on a game of shuffle.

Bar Inside

The burger at Silky’s isn’t amazing. It’s not ground breaking, no one re-invited the [meat] wheel, and it’s not something to tout as being best this, or highest ranked that. But, it is a solid burger. It is a thick large patty of decent flavor that will leave you satisfied at a very reasonable value. I am particularly fond of their waffle fries, which are always delicious. Silky’s is by no means a ‘burger bar,’ and they have many different bar options that are much better (I can personally vouch for the Nacho’s as being some of the best in the city), but this is a burger blog, so it is my duty to report that, despite the fact that I like Silky’s a great deal, the burger is average at best.








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ReviewerBurger ScoreReviewOfficial Score Sheet
Pitts-Burgers5.39Average Burger
Carla8.685This was a great burger. The chipotle aioli was awesome, as were the jalepinos. The meat was a tad greasy and the bun could have been a little more flavorful, but it was still a very enjoyable burger.
George Saba7.465Overall this is a very solid burger, but it wasnt without flaws. The burger suffered from an inadequate bun and the burger itself was a little sloppy. But the size, taste, bean and cheese were all fantastic. This is a burger I will come back for.
Sharon7.98Excellent presentation, but underneath the burger was a slim bottom that slid off the burger.


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Silky's on Urbanspoon

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