The Hop House

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to the Hop House…


The Hop House is a watering hole in the Greentree area of Pittburgh. Smoking indoors is still very much a part of the Hop House, and that has a pretty unfortunate effect on the overall quality of the food. It’s a pretty laid back atmosphere, and the prices are extremely reasonable. They have a couple of pool tables and a wide beer selection. This place is more of a bar, not a restaurant, and that message was delivered in their burger.


The burger was cooked perfectly, half way between rare and mid rare, just perfect. That was the best part of the burger. Unfortunately the quality of the meat is noticeably lacking. The beef was greasy and the texture was off. The jalapeños were pretty good, but the cheese (just like the meat) was clearly purchased for quantity, not quality. Finally the French fries were pretty tasty. I would come back to the Hop-House and have a drink, maybe eat some 20 cent wings and shoot a game of pool, but I would not order another burger.


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Pitts-Burgers5.89Smoking Restaurant draws from the burger

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By Andrew Capone


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