The Porch at Schenley Park

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to the Porch at Schenley Park…

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The Porch is a fun new restaurant in Oakland, sitting between the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. The modern design provides a casual yet seemingly upscale dining experience. Fortunately, the prices are fair, and unlike some of the other newer restaurants in Pittsburgh, the Porch at Schenley Park won’t break the bank. The menu consists of a variety of salads, great flat bread pizza options, and of course a few burger selections.


At lunch time, this restaurant doesn’t have table service, instead you place your order, grab your own drink, and someone will drop off your food when its ready. I am sure this is more convenient for the restaurant, but it is certainly not convenient for the customer. If you need a refill, some extra napkins, or even just some salt and pepper, you’re going to have to grab it yourself.


As a side note, I have had brunch at the Porch, which included traditional full table service. I think the counter service is just a lunch time thing.

The Porch burger presented very well, served with blue cheese and a side of crispy potatoes, but had a very dry texture. The burger was covered with a salty glaze, which over powered the entire burger experience. This really drew from the flavor of the burger, and unfortunately ruined this burger for me. The consistency of the burger itself was not great, and this burger tasted like it was prepared without consideration for its consumer. The potatoes served on the side were crispy and delicious, and the dry blue cheese on top of the burger was strong and flavorful.


I like The Porch, it has a great atmosphere, its an awesome place to hang out, and I will be back soon to try some of the other things on the menu. Unfortunately though, it would appear that burgers are just not their strong point.


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Pitts-Burgers5.6Trendy Resturant, Burgers arent their specialty

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By Andrew Capone

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