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My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Hemingway’s…

Burger with Fries


Hemingway’s is a classic Pittsburgh college bar. The great drink and food values, the casual young crowd, and the laid back atmosphere, all set in the middle of the University of Pittsburgh campus reemphasize what was abundantly clear when I first stepped foot into Hemingway’s. This is a truely great college dive. Like most college bars, this atmosphere changes drastically from day to night. What is laid back and casual during the day, is often jam packed and high intensity at night. Because college nightlife isn’t my scene anymore, I am more than happy to stick with daytime visits to Hemmingway’s; but if I were a bit younger, not being interested in the filth and fear promulgated by the Southside, I would probably evening at Hemingway’s on a regular basis. 

Hemmingway's Bar          Hemmingway's Bar2

  The burger at Hemingway’s was a great value first and a good burger second. On a Friday afternoon (midday food specials), burgers at Hemmingway’s are half price, and I did not hesitate to order the Philly Burger prepared medium rare, all coming in at just around four bucks. On top of the great food value, the draft beer special of the day was $2.00 Sierra Nevada’s, and to my surprise, the beer tasted fresh and the taps must have been cleaned recently. The quality of the burger was clearly not very high, the beef was a bit greasy, and the bun was slightly stale, but melted provolone and sautéed onions and pepper were absolutely delicious. Overall the toppings created a delicious flavor, the fries were extra crispy and well seasoned, and by the end of the meal I was extremely satisfied with my burger.

Burger with Tots

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ReviewerBurger ScoreReviewOfficial Burger Sheet
Pitts-Burgers6.53Great Value, Good Burger
Max Cotton5.78The author of this prestigious blog states that his mission is to find the best burger in he city. Keeping that in mind, I can confidentially state that the burger was not even close to the top rated burgers on the blog.......miles apart in fact. But I don't think that is what Hemmingway's is about. This is a perfectly fine burger for day drinking or happy hour after work. It satisfied my hunger and then some, but the frozen patty and under cooked bacon wasn't blowing my mind like the offerings from meat and potatoes, tessaro's, or Monterrey Pub ( yet to be reviewed by Mr. Capone). The burger was well priced, the tater tots complimented nicely, and the shredded lettuce is also a welcomed touch that not nearly enough establishments use. I'll be back to have another, but I know what to expect; a decent burger at a decent price. This burger belongs to in the 'Average Burger' category. Not all can be great, and I'm glad it's that way.
Jose6.5The burger was good. I would eat again as a kind of guilty pleasure. The quality of the meat was the biggest disappointment. Each bite reminded me of my high school cafeteria days. Yes I'm saying the burger patty tasted like my high school burger patty. The BBQ sauce however made the burger pretty tasty. The bacon was crispy and the tots were a good side. I think these two toppings alone could make any burger a great experience, even my former high school burger.


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