Industry Public House

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Industry Public House…


Industry is one of the newest pubs in Pittsburgh, and it very well encapsulates the momentum of the restaurant scene in Pittsburgh. Industry is a Gastropub, with tons of great beers on tap, an awesome menu, great food, and a spirits list that sparks your creativity. I really can’t say enough positive things about this place, it’s a pretty rad place to grab a drink and a meal and hang out with friends for the evening. A word of warning though, watch out for the hipsters; do watch out for them indeed.


For an Appetizer, I started with the Barbeque Boneless Chicken wings, and they were unbelievably delicious. The house made Barbeque sauce blends spicy sweet and tangy perfectly. A delicious sauce is one that can convey a spicy flavor without overpowering the taste with heat; and Industry’s sauce delivered perfectly. Next time I am at industry, I am going to order a Barbeque sandwich as opposed to the wings, so I can experience this flavor in a different medium.


The Burger was very good. I ordered the “Outsourced Burger” which included habanero jack cheese, roasted pablano & jalapeno bell peppers, and finished with lime aioli. All of these toppings were wonderful; the roasted peppers produce a variety of fresh delicious flavors, the cheese was sharp, powerful, and distinct, and I even detected the always welcomed taste of sautéed onions. The bun was firm and fresh, clearly not left over from the night before, and was added to the burger with the idea of creating a great overall experience. The only drawback to this burger, was the meat itself. Although cooked perfectly, and served hot, the beef presented a distinct lack of flavor. I wonder if the ground beef was seasoned at all before converted into a ball and thrown over the heat. The quality of the meat was average; nothing special, and it didn’t add anything to the burger. In the end I can say that this was a very good burger; but if this burger was stripped down, and served as a traditional cheeseburger with no toppings, I think it may have the potential to disappoint.



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By Andrew Capone

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