Red Robin

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Red Robin.

Red Robin Burger

Red Robin is a children’s restaurant and a national chain. Needless to say, I had pretty low expectations for this Chucky-Cheese-Esc, children’s music playing, giant costumed bird dancing, self proclaiming “Best Burger” restaurant. To my surprise, however, the burger was good, Damn Good! And I am not just using the word Damn because I am talking about a children’s restaurant. I went on a Wednesday during lunch time to avoid the young crowd. I am glad I did. The burger was delicous, the service was excellent, and I left a satisfied customer.


I ordered the Burnin’ Love Burger, which came equipped with fried jalapenos, spicy Pepper-Jack cheese, and Chipolte mayo served on a Kaiser roll. Hold the Salsa, Lettuce, and Tomato. The jalapenos were spicy and crispy, and they added not only to the taste of the burger but also improved the consistency. The cheese, the bun, very solid. The burger was served at a hot temperature and prepared rare, as ordered. The only downside to this meal were the french fries. These fried from frozen bland tasting potato hunks scored a 3 out 10. Red Robin needs to step its french fry game up to the next level, of course I am talking curly fries.


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Pitts-Burgers6.52Children's Establishment, Man's Burger


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By Andrew Capone

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