Szmidt’s Old World Deli

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Szmidt’s Old World Deli…



Szmidt’s Old World Deli is a casual and convenient gem that never disappoints. This friendly neighborhood homemade sandwich shop is a great place to pick up something quick while you are on the run, or to sit down and have a deliciously prepared fresh hot bite to eat. The folks at Szmidt’s keep it simple. The menu is proudly displayed front and center as you walk in the door, counter service makes the process streamlined and efficient, and the open kitchen provides you the opportunity to watch you food being made to order. Everyone inside is always friendly, and I have never had anything but a great experience at Szmidt’s. On this particular afternoon, the daily special was a double cheeseburger for $3.99, and that’s a deal I can never pass up!

Inside1Szmidt’s burger offering was that day’s special, a double cheese burger, and it was delicious. The patties were thin and juicy, but not greasy. The burger presented very simply, just beef, cheese, some dressing, and a bun, nothing over the top and nothing out of the ordinary. Simple flavors are often the most delicious, and these flavors blended together in a delightful harmony. The bun was oversized, just a smidge too big for the tiny patties it held in place. Unfortunately, the bun slightly overtook the flavor of the burger, and I found myself tasting more bun than meat. Other than that one shortcoming, I really liked this burger, it reminded me of a fast food burger, but without the grease and waxy texture. I look forward to trying another Szmidt’s special soon.


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Pitts-Burgers6.2Great local deli!


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By Andrew Capone

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