The Wheelhouse (Rivers Casino)

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to The Wheelhouse…

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The Wheelhouse is a great place to watch a Steelers game. It has the “largest HDTV in Pittsburgh,” as dedicated by a plaque bearing the name of our great Mayor Ravenstahl. If you can pull yourself away from the blackjack tables for a bit, you will find the Wheelhouse in the South-Easternly most corner of the Rivers Casino. It has a beautiful view of Hienz Field, and is boasts a casual new age vibe. As pictured left, you will find yourself lounging in comfortable leather couches and eating from small wooden tables. Because the place is set up like a large living room, the service is a bit dissorganized. It’s a great set up for lounging, but not a great setup for a restaurant. If you want to place an order, you will have to flag down a server. All that being said, I had a great overall experience at the Wheelhosue, and I am looking forward to coming back during hockey season to watch a Penguins game.

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I thought the presentation of the burger was a little bit unnecessary, the lettuce and tomato being skewered to the top of the burger with a toothpick, but that might be because I am not a big fan of lettuce and tomato with my Jalapeño cheeseburgers. The American cheese and jalapeños were delicious, and the burger was served at a good temperature. The only real drawback is that my burger, ordered rare, was served medium. The bun was more or less unremarkable, although it was not overly dry or flakey. I appreciated the French fry medley, consisting of waffle, straight, and curly fries. Overall this was a slightly above average, and I think it scored very appropriately at 6.03.

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ReviewerBurger ScoreReviewOfficial Burger Sheet
Pitts-Burgers6.03Not a bad place to grab a burger and catch a game


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By Andrew Capone

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