My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Braddock’s…


Braddock’s American Brasserie, a ‘Pittsburgh Upscale’ casual fine dining restaurant, is conveniently set at the far corner of the cultural district, in the mezzanine level of the Renaissance Hotel. We didn’t arrive for dinner until around 9 pm, and by that time the restaurant was more or less empty. In my experience, being in a mostly vacant restaurant as it approaches closing time is not always a recipe for friendly staff or service; but this evening at Braddock’s, I was blown away by the exceptional service we received. Our waitress was friendly and accommodating, and she made the meal that much more enjoyable. Our table of four had a casual and comfortable meal, and our experience at Braddock’s was exceptional.


I ordered the Pittsburgher, which was served with sautéed sweet onions, a Buffalo Chicken Pierogi, and a slice of cheese, all between two halves of a perfectly toasted extra fluffy brioche bun. The bun held up well against the burger, it was toasted well enough that it never became soggy, and its fluffy makeup provided an excellent flavor cushion for the whole burger experience. My only major criticism of this burger is that its cheese provided nothing positive. This cheese had no distinct flavor, and in its melted condition, it made the burger a slippery, almost greasy. In this situation, with the onions and the pierogi headlining the flavor, the cheese is unnecessary. Overall, this was a very good burger, I had a positive experience, and I am sure that I will return to Braddock’s to try some of their other offerings.



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ReviewerBurger ScoreReviewOfficial Burger Sheet
Pitts-Burgers6.68Hotel Restaurant, Hotel Burger
Mary6.54The burger came out looking amazing and the fries are fantastic. I find fault with it for a couple of things: 1) My bun was soggy, 2) Fontina cheese was on this (one of my favorites) but the flavor was lost. There was a red pepper marinade on this which is the sole reason this burger had flavor. The patty itself was very bland. Oh Yea, big props to the beef bacon – added to the patty and was needed.
Jose4.81I came in with very high expectations, when I saw, smelled and looked at the burger, I thought –Wow, this is going to be good! – However, when I bit in I was disappointed. I thought overall the burger was bland. The pierogi didn’t really add anything to the flavor, other than add a creamish style texture. The pierogi wasn’t the explosion of flavor I expected. It was only a wet noodle in my burger. Maybe my expectations were to high, but I would rate this burger as OK at best may be OK/Different; but delicious or excellent, it is not.
Carla6.9Excellent Service. Burger came with beef bacon, red pepper marmalade, lettuce, and tomato. I was skeptical of the beef bacon, but decided to try it anyway. I ended up removing it from the burger, which greatly improved my opinion of the burger. The meat was of good quality and cooked nicely. I didn’t care for the brioche/ egg bread bun. It was too eggy and I could smell the egg every time I took a bite of the sandwich. This would have been a much better score with a different bun.


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By Andrew Capone

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