My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to the Brillo Box…


The Brillobox is an extremely unique place and is quite certainly the unofficial Hipster capital of the City Pittsburgh. Designed like an intentionally confused Tim-Burton’s-Edward-Sissorhand’s movie set, this dimly lit bohemian socialites’ palace reiterates the definition of irony. Casually dressed like the conductor from Monopoly’s B&O Railroad, the bar tender was extremely friendly and helpful. Being quite knowledgeable about everything from the finishing processes of different microbreweries in California to the quality of unique gelato flavors available in your grocer’s freezer, his service was top-notch, from beginning to end. In the background, muted syndication of the 1970’s part live action/ part animation ‘filmation’ series, “Shazam,” was proudly displayed on the world’s largest and highest definition projection television. This particular Saturday evening, I casually sat down at the bar, rolled up the sleeves on my tucked in plaid flannel shirt, tightened the knot on my ultra skinny polka-dot tie, adjusted my unnecessarily heavy wool winter cap, and bit into a perfectly delicious burger.


The food menu at Brillobox is fairly limited, and it didn’t take me long to settle on the Brillo-Burger, topped with strong cheddar cheese, and drizzled with a potent and flavorful garlic aioli. The burger itself was moist, but not greasy, a clear indicator of high quality beef and correct cooking. The pickle was an amazingly pleasant surprise, providing a nice contrast to the texture of the beef and adding a delightfully complementary flavor. The bun did nothing for me, though it didn’t detract from my experience either; it merely served as an adequate hamburger platform. The burger came with a mixed-green salad topped with an absolutely delicious house dressing, which made it OK that fries were a’la carte on the Brillobox’s menu. I did order fries separatey, and they too were a crispy delight. I was really impressed with the Brillobox, and look forward to enjoying many future burgers at this ironically fine eatery.



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By Andrew Capone

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