My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Burgatory…


Everyone in Pittsburgh chirps incessantly about the burgers at Burgatory. “What yinz need to do is go dahn’ to Burgatory,” they say. Well I went down to Burgatory, and although very good, it failed to rise to expectations. Burgatory is situated in the corner of a strip mall in Aspinwall. and is decorated with fake flames and poor lighting. There were eight in our party, and although we were told the wait would be 60-90 minutes, we were seated within half an hour. The beer and cocktail selection did not disspoint, and the Sriracha wings appetizer was delicous.

Burger 2

I really appreciate the Custom Creation menu. You can pick exactly how you like your burger. I selected: “Hormone Free” Beef; Baguette Bun; Cracked Peppercorn Rub; Horseradish Cheddar Cheese; Grilled Onions; Baby Spinach; and Jalapeños. The burger was served with house made chips, which I love, and it presented very well. The Baguette was the highlight of this burger. Not to crunchy, not to soft, it provided the cradle for a wonderful burger experience. The Jalapeños slightly overpowered the flavor, and unfortunately the Beef, and Cheese were slightly masked. Overall this was a good burger, and I wouldn’t hesitate to come back and try it again.

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ReviewerBurger ScoreReviewOfficial Score Sheet
Pitts-Burgers6.61Pretty Awesome Selection
Rich7.51The customization was interesting, but the lack of background info on the “Yuppie terminology” was aggravating. Burgatory gets a shout-out for their cheese (Buffalo Cheddar) and coleslaw (I’m a slaw snob). The fries were unorgasmic, cold, and overpriced. Overall, Solid burger.
Carla6.27Doesn’t live up to the hype. Burger was served well done, but I ordered it medium… Some chips were undercooked and they were generally a bit greasy. Toppings were good and fresh. Needed more sauce. Bottom bun was way too thick
Josh7.3Not much cheese and wasn’t tasteful, burger was cooked perfectly, but their was only one piece of burnt peppercorn bacon. Strip Mall ambiance is apparent and really kills first the impression.
Paul7.3The shallot aioli was too strong and overtook the burger. Otherwise it was very good. But they charged me $0.75 for spicy ketchup, what’s up with that?
Anna6.35I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and company (of course) and my review was most likely skewed upwards b/c of this. I was very much looking forward to the horseradish cheddar, but thought to myself, “if that’s the only thing missing, Im cool.” Unfortunately, the entire burger was an opaque grey – cooked entirely though as though it were ordered by an extremely cautious beef eater, deathly afraid of anything shy of well done. Medium was not on the plate.
Julie P.6.61See Score Sheet
Julie M.7.19“Fries were delicious… Caramelized onions were bad, not caramelized at all, Soggy onions.”


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By Andrew Capone

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