My quest for the best burger in Pittsburgh took me to Habitat Restaurant in the Fairmont Hotel.


Everything about Habitat is crisp. The layout and physical appearance of the restaurant are sharp and modern, and the designs are bright and vibrant. This modern freshness lends itself to a locally sourced menu, including the burger, which touts itself as One-Cow, Grass Fed, Pennsylvania Beef. Topped with palpably fresh lettuce, tomato, and onions, this burger certinly met every expectation. The Fairmont is one of the newest and nicest hotels in Pittsburgh. Located perfectly between Market Square and the Cultural District, it is the ideal location for anyone and everyone to stay, that is of course if you can swing the rates. It is also the most expensive hotel in Pittsburgh, and represents  the new face of this city. Pittsburgh is changing, its people are changing, the culture is changing, and Pittsburgh’s visitors, they are changing too.  I was glad to come to Habitat on a friday afternoon with several of my co-workers. It was a great day to try a new burger.


The first thing I noticed when I bit into my burger was the quality of the beef. The texture tipped me off that this was not run-of-the-mill mass quantity beef that is common among restaurants trying to save a buck; this was higher quality, thicker texture, delicious all around enjoyable beef. The temperature of the burger was perfect, served just as ordered and hot throughout. The bun was thick and toasted, and made for exceptional burger delivery. Everything about this burger was solid, very good in fact, but nothing in the experience stood out to me as great. The burger was reserved, not bursting with flavor. Like a crisp German style Kolsch beer, this burger is best described by the absence of deficiencies. All things considered, this is a solid burger that I could eat time and time again. If consistency and quality were the name of the game, this burger would be number one.

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ReviewerBurger ScoreReviewScore Sheet
Pitts-Burgers6.62Great Hotel
Cory6.915It was a good burger. It was cooked well and the cheese was properly melted. The burger could have been seasoned better, but it was still satisfying. The fries were actually seasoned though.
Mark6.45Visually impressive but would taste better flame broiled. Medium was pretty close to mediun,
Tim6.867My burger came a nearly perftect mid rare with two nice bacon strips, and large potions of sweet potatoe fries. Quality beef that had big flavor without anything schtinky hvaing to be done to it. Would have preferred dijon over yellow mustard on such a great bun, but hey, life is full of dissapointments.
Dan4.64"Eh" Burger, but we got a bunch of burgers so it probably reduced the quality. Really good pickle and sweet potatoe fries.

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By Andrew Capone

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