Primanti Brothers

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Primanti Brothers…


Primanti Brothers’ has a great thing going. It’s delicious, its unique, and everyone loves it… well except maybe vegetarians, but who needs them anyways. Primanti’s has been a Pittsburgh tradition since the 1930’s. Starting out as a food cart in the strip district, later opening a small sandwich shop, and eventually becoming a Pittsburgh Icon, spreading like wildfire throughout the suburbs. All the sides on a Primanti’s sandwich are tucked perfectly between two delicious pieces of Mancini’s Italian bread, creating awesome texture. I am sure I have been to Primanti’s more than 100 times in my life, but up until today, I had never tried anything other than the Capicola and Cheese with everything on it. But in the pursuit of rating the best burgers in Pittsburgh, I had to try to the “Pitts-Burgher Cheese Steak.” – The #2 best seller.


That bit about being the number two best seller is a joke, by the way, the punch line is that Iron City Beer is the #1 best seller.


The Pitts-Burgher Cheese Steak is served in typical Primanti’s fashion. Start with ground beef, formed into a patty, thrown on the grill. Add some French fries, a slice of cheese, heat until perfection. Once hot, lay the burger and fries on top of a slice of Mancini’s Italian bread, add a layer of coleslaw, tomato, and top with another delicious piece of white bread. I have to mention that the coleslaw is not traditional a traditional mayonnaise based slaw. Instead it is vinegar based, it is never mushy or gooey, and it always adds a crunch to the texture of the sandwich. I only wish that Primanti’s would put more emphasis on the cheese. A delicious hot melted cheese can manipulate the flavor of a burger in beautiful way, and I think stepping up the cheese game would play very nicely with the fries and slaw. Either way, Primanti’s is great, and it’s a Pittsburgh Tradition for a reason.



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ReviewerBurger ScoreReviewOfficial Score Sheet
Pitts-Burgers6.74No Doubt a Pittsburgh Tradition.


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By Andrew Capone

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