Smallman Street Deli

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to the Smallman Street Deli.

Smallman Street Burger

Smallman Street Deli has locked itself into the clutch position. This place is wicked convenient, has a huge menu, delicious food, and great prices. In the past I have always stopped in when I was looking for an epic deli sandwich, but on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, they have ½ pound burgers, however you like them, at 4.99 a pop. This deal was too good to pass up, and as my wife keyed in on the mushroom barley soup, I couldn’t resist ordering a mid-rare grilled onion cheddar burger.


The first thing I noticed when the burger was placed in front of me was the bun. So many burger joints forge together an impressive beef specimen only to place it between two slices of who cares, but not the SSD. This bun was clearly prepared in consideration of a burger, not to crunchy, not to soft, and grilled to perfection in the middle. The cheddar cheese was strong and delicious, the beef was of high quality, and the onions were bursting with flavor. The burger was served hot and perfectly medium rare, very impressive. The only drawback to this burger was the grease, it was a bit much, but that didn’t ruin the experience. I love the SSD, and I was not surprised by their great burger. If you are in Squirrel Hill, I strongly recommend stopping by.



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Pitts-Burgers7.17Great Burger


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By Andrew Capone

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