2014 Pittsburgher Competition

On Saturday, September 13, 2014, 9 competitors, each vying for the title of Best Burger in the Burgh, submitted themselves for judging at the Pittsburghers Gourmet Burger Competition. The atmosphere was electric, each restaurant’s chefs presented their competition pieces with pride and excitement, and by the end of the day the votes were in, and the Best Burger in the Burgh was selected.

Troph  Edit

The first burger was presented by the restaurants of the Rivers Casino. Unfortunately this burger was a far miss. The donut bun soaked up most of the grease from the meat, and the overall flavor was unappealing.


The second burger in the competition was Donato’s. Served with the most delicious and flavorful smoked bacon I have ever tasted, this was one of the best burgers presented.


Third, Ditka’s Steakhouse Burger was classic and delicious. The high quality choice quality beef, prepared to perfection, made this one of the best burgers at the competition.


Fourth, Juniper Grille’s burger was another strong classic presentation. This burger was crisp and flavorful.


Fifth came Dive Bar and Grill’s coffee crusted, Gouda burger topped with a lemon garlic aioli. Creative and delicious, Dive bar put a solid competition piece on the table.


Sixth, my personal favorite, and the competition winner, was Twelve’s BBQ Whiskey Burger. This burger was topped with BBQ pulled pork and a delicious fresh and crispy slaw. The flavor was outstanding and this burger deserved its place as the winner.


Seventh was Rumfish Grille’s Arugula lobster, with lobster and jalapeno cream cheese. Creative and delicious, this tasted more like a classic New England lobster roll than a burger.


Eighth, was Lattitude 360’s sauerkraut and pierogi burger. A creative approach on a Pittsburgh Classic, this burger did not disappoint.


Last, and possibly also least, was King’s burger. It was served on a pretzel roll with apricot and Siracha dressing. Unfortunately, the apricot overpowered the burger instantly, and this burger, served very well done, missed the mark by quite a distance.


I have to mention all the people behind the scenes. The Pittsbugher’s staff was extremely professional and it was abundantly clear that they worked very hard to put this incredible experience together. In addition, the competitors, chefs, the restaurants, really put themselves out there and did a great job. This is a huge event, and in turn a huge expense to the competitors, but they all put their efforts and product out there and made this experience possible for us, the general public, and for that we are extremely greatful. Finally credit to this website’s newly acquired Online Audio Visual Content Manager of Burg-rogophy, Max Cotton, I couldn’t have covered this spectacular event without his assistance.



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