2016 Pittsburgher Competition

On Saturday, August 20, 2016, 10 competitors, each vying for the title of Best Burger in the Burgh, submitted themselves for judging at the Pittsburghers Burger Bash and Chef Competition. The atmosphere was electric, each restaurant’s chefs presented their competition pieces with pride and excitement, and by the end of the day the votes were in, and the Best Burger in the Burgh was selected.

The first burger was presented by Summit Pittsburgh, located on Shiloh Street in Mount Washington.

The Summit Pittsburgher 2016   The Summit Pittsburgher 2016 Score Sheet


The second burger was presented by Nox’s Tavern in Blawnox.


Noe's Pittsburgher 2016 Noe's Pittsburgher 2016 Score Sheet


The third burger, and one of the best burgers presented, came from Table 86 by Hines Ward, in Seven Fields.

Table 86 Pittsburgher 2016 Table 86 Pittsburgher Score Sheet


The fourth burger, my personal favorite, was CB3 at Casey’s Draft  House on East Carson Street in the Southside.

Casey's Pittsburgher 2016 Casey's 2016 Pittsburgher Score Sheet


The fifth burger was presented by the Hilton Garden in Oakland.

Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgher 2016 Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgher 2016 quarter burger



The fifth burger was presented by Claddagh Irish Pub and Restaurant.

Claddagh Pittsburgher 2016 Claddagh Pittsburgher 2016 Score Sheet

The sixth burger was presented by Pig Iron Grill.

Pig Iron Pittsburgher 2016 1  Pig Iron Pittsburgher 2016 Score Sheet

Pig Iron Pittsburgher 2016 2


The seventh burger was presented by Twelve, in the Southside on Carson Street.

Twelve Pittsburgher 2016  Twelve Pittsburgher 2016 Score Sheet


The eighth burger was presented by Day La Soul, a new catering company in Allentown.

Day La Soul Pittsburgher 2016 Day La Soul Pittsburgher Score Sheet


The ninth burger was presented by the Fireside Public House, located in East Liberty.

Fireside Public House Pittsburgher 2016 Fireside Public House Pittsburgher 2016 Score Sheet


The Tenth Burger was presented by Bill’s Burger Bar, located downtown.

IMG_7925 IMG_7926


Although my personal favorite was CB3, the official positions were:

1st Place  Twelve Whiskey Barbecue
2nd Place The Claddagh – Pittsburgh
3rd Place CB3 at Casey’s Draft House
People’s Choice Twelve Whiskey Barbecue


Special thanks to our Online Audio Visual Content Manager of Burg-rogophy, Max Cotton, we couldn’t have covered this spectacular event without his assistance.



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