The Yard

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to The Yard, an American Gastropub in the heart of Shadyside…

The Yard Burger

The Yard is the perfect place to hang out with your bros, catch a game, grab a solid bite, and drink some delicious beer. The atmosphere in this brand new basement gastropub is casual, and the typical Shadyside crowd –a mix of college and graduate students of privilege and young professionals blowing off steam and enjoying the fruits of their labor – keeps this bar and restaurant buzzing with an energetic and somewhat youthful exuberance. Best of all, the menu at the Yard is simple yet extremely creative, and the food is delicious but not overstated. Couple all that with great Happy Hour specials on a number of craft microbrews and nightly deals on everything from skillfully homespun grilled cheese to deliciously prepared burgers, and you will find that the Yard may be the ideal spot for almost any casual evening out.

The Yard Bar

Our extremely large group of eager Pitts-Burgers showed up at Yards on a Thursday night to take advantage of the $10 Burger and Beer Special. Despite the confusion that 15 to 20 people all arriving at different times but sitting at the same table, ordering different things, moving around and switching seats constantly and requesting separate checks must have caused, the service was perfect. For nearly the three hours we spent drinking, eating and playing trivia, I never waited nor wanted for anything. This is quite an accomplishment and our server is deserving of the highest praise. Everyone in the restaurant was having a great time, all the other patrons were in great moods, and I believe creating that atmosphere is only possible with the best service.

Grilled Cheese

The burger feature at the Yard this particular night was the Juicy Lucy, and I was extremely happy try this Minneapolis inspired, molten cheese centered, fantastically flavored burger. I have read about this burger, I have seen food network specials about this burger, I have tried to make this burger many times at my house, but never before have I been served a burger like this. A Juicy Lucy is a cheeseburger that has the cheese inside the meat patty in addition to on top. A piece of cheese is surrounded by raw meat and cooked until it melts, resulting in a molten core of cheese within the patty; and it is delicious! My only concern about cooking a burger like this is that in order to successfully melt the cheese in the center of the burger, you have to bring the temperature of the meat higher than the medium rare I have come so accustomed to eating. But understanding that outside the box burgers (like those with the cheese inside) offer a different twist on a traditional idea, I thoroughly enjoyed my burger despite it being a little closer to medium to well done. All in all this was a great burger, and the Yard is one of my new favorite places to hang out. I cannot wait to come back and try some more of their burgers and gourmet grilled cheese.

Burger Party at the Yard

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Soft Rob Perkins8.51
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