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My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Bar Marco…


Bar Marco symbolizes a culinary renaissance in the City of Pittsburgh. Bar Marco is creative. It is modern, it is social, it is pioneering, and it is bold. It is this culinary envelope-pushing culture that is propelling our city’s food forward, and it is important to recognize that even if you don’t specifically go for Bar Marco’s unique style, Bar Marco is raising Pittsburgh’s bar in a magnificent way. By expressing itself through every detail, from the restaurants minimalist yet formal design and decoration, to its glass coffee mugs and beakers of cream, through its unique and meticulous menu and explorative cocktail list; Bar Marco creates an experience, not just a meal. I have a tremendous amount of respect for what the guys at Bar Marco are doing, so let me be clear; I will critique the burger, point out what I like best and what I think could be improved, but I do not criticize the process at Bar Marco. I hope that they continue to pursue what I can only describe as their culinary manifest destiny.

Shrimp          Mug

My burger was cooked perfectly medium rare, the texture and temperature complimented the flavor and the overall taste and burger experience was fantastic. The beef is not overly greasy and the high quality of the meat is apparent from the first bite. The crispy bacon worked well to create texture against the patty, and the fresh flakey bun was heavy and strong enough to hold the burger. One thing that contributed greatly to the flavor was the absence of cheese. This burger had enough flavor between what tasted like a garlic mayonnaise dressing and deliciously caramelized slightly sweet onions. The fries were also crispy and delicious and, because this was brunch, I ordered a side of Hollandaise sauce for dipping. Overall this burger was excellent, and I can’t wait for my next trip to Bar Marco.

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