My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Benjamin’s Western Avenue Burger Bar…


Benjamin’s is serving one of the best burgers in Pittsburgh. This North Side gem is providing scrumptiously tempting beef experiences in a comfortably calming, ski lodge meets modern pub style, casual and relaxing atmosphere. Although this fairly new burger bar hasn’t gotten the tap system operational yet, the bottle and can beer selection was fairly excellent. Starting with appetizers like house made jerky and hot pretzels served with truffle mustard for dipping, this restaurant offers a unique and very satisfying burger-centric menu. My only qualm with Benjamin’s, and it is a very stinky qualm, is the palpable odor of thick beefy grease within the restaurant. From the moment you enter the establishment, a film of meat smell sticks itself on the surface of your clothes, your skin, and anything else you have with you. Unfortunately, my jeans, my car, and even my burger rating sheets reeked of grease for days after my burger experience at Benjamin’s.


Never in my life have I tasted bacon so delicious, unlike most of my other bacon experiences, this bacon actually tasted as good as it smelled, and that is an enormous accomplishment. Thick and crispy, each bite better than the last, not burned, and not soggy, the bacon at Benjamin’s is prescribed regularly by world-renowned psychotherapists and psychologists as a cure for depression. The beef was thick, abundant and of clearly high quality. Not to greasy and cooked to perfection, my burger was served textbook rare and my grin spread ear to ear as I bit into it. The Jalapeños and Cream Cheese toppings sky rocketed this burger into the spicy sweet dichotomy that, when designed and served correctly, send taste buds to places usually reserved for my wildest-dreams. The only unimpressive aspect of this burger was the bun, which was not buttered, oiled, toasted, grilled, or even considered until seconds before the burger was slapped on it. Bun aside, I had a great experience at Benjamin’s, and when you bite into this gigantic chunk of heaven, I know you will to

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ReviewerBurger ScoreReviewOfficial Score Sheet
Pitts-Burgers7.91"How are they making such amazing Bacon?"
Carla8.495"Delicious! All ingredients combined nicely. Meat was crispy on the outside, but not dried out, even though I ordered it well done. The whole thing could have been a little hotter though. The goat cheese was very good, and its texture (spreadable) helped to moisten the burger so I didn’t have to add extra condiments. I wish the apples had been slightly more flavorful, but overall this was one of the most enjoyable burgers I have had anywhere!"
George7.322“Good burger, but sloppy. Should have been served warmer, even rare.”
Cory8.51“The burger was great. The best part was the Bacon. I ordered medium and it came perfectly medium. They had an extensive beer list, but no drafts yet. The service was not terribly fast, but the restaurant smells fantastic. Beef Jerky was a nice appetizer.”
Tim6.455"Burger was very good, but actual beef lacked flavor and seasoning. Truffle mustard and onions were terrific as well as fried egg. Unfortunately they forgot the Swiss cheese. . . and the lettuce was shredded rather than full leaf. Ill be back, but for the money it should be better."



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By Andrew Capone

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