Fat Heads

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Fat Heads…

fatheads burger

Fat Head’s humongous portions and over the top sandwich creations epitomize the nostalgic stereotype of Pittsburgh food culture. Gigantic human-head sized, gut busting, creatively designed sandwich options provide a steel-workers dream lunch at a working man’s price. If your fancy is to wet your whistle, you have the privilege of selecting from an outstanding house-brewed draft list. This craft brew-house offers a dynamic range of mouth-watering beers from a tongue-rattling hoppy Head Hunting Ale to a thicker textured, softer man’s Stone Age Imperial Stout. Lodged in the center of Pittsburgh’s iconic Southside, you will always find yourself dinning in the company of an interesting mix of college students, house wives, business folk, and bar flies. In each of my many visits to Fat Head’s, there has always been a full house, but it is each and every sandwich is on the menu worth the wait.


This was an incredible burger, and it is unfortunate that this picture doesn’t do it justice. The cheese, the jalapeños, the Bacon, even the fries, each one excellent, and this burger comes highly recommended. It is worth mentioning that the huge quanity of patrons this restaurant serves on the daily doesnt have a negitive impact on the food. They keep their priorities straight, and the portions are huge.

fatheads Burger1

The only drawback to this burger was the bun, it was served two generic burger holding uninspired breads that lacked the excellence and precision that the rest of the burger conveyed so perfectly. I ordered the burger medium rare, and it was served medium, slightly overcooked and a minor inconvenience. I love fat heads, and I will be back soon.


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ReviewerBurger ScoreReviewOfficial Rating Sheet
Pitts-Burgers7.28What an Amazing Meal!
Ray6.18See Review Sheet
Anita7.16Really dry meat (not juicy enough) not enough mushrooms. Really good Swiss Cheese. Beer is delicious.

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By Andrew Capone

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