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The burger at the Carlton is a lunch option only, and at $14.00, my expectations walking into this white tablecloth laden, BNY Mellon Fancy Banker, fine dining establishment were extremely high. I am ecstatic to report, not only did this burger rise to the occasion, but it leapt over the bar. Despite the white table clothes and the visible wine shelves, the Carlton doesn’t feel stuffy or pretentious, it was actually pretty comfortable. The staff were each friendly and helpful, the hostess kind, the waiter efficient, and the rest of the serve staff were effective and nearly invisible. Obviously a fourteen dollar burger is not an everyday, or even every month, treat, but it is definitely worth checking out at least once.

Carlton Dinning

The presentation of the burger was great, visually appetizing and looking delicious. The bacon was thin and crispy and in conjunction with the onion straws, the overall texture of the burger, the crunch against the soft, was nearly perfect. The dressing on the burger, mayonnaise based, hinted spice but did not overpower. The consistency of the beef was axiomatic of its quality, smooth and delicious, not over cooked, and not greasy at all. The tomatoes and lettuce on top of the burger were fresh and crispy, the bun was fluffy and a near perfect medium, and the cheese was not overpowering. Quite possibly the best thing about the burger was the fact that it was not thick and heavy, after eating, I did not feel stuffed or greasy. The Carlton burger was extremely satisfying and comes very highly reccomended.

Carlton Wine Rack

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ReviewerBurger ScoreReviewOfficial Score Sheet
Pitts-Burgers8.14This burger is just like the five dollar milkshake from pulp fiction!
Stephen Guzzetti7.605Upscale dining experience where pretentiousness, though lacking in atmosphere, is manifest in price. While I went intending to order the burger, I was tempted to go in a different direction upon reading the menu. I reverted to the burger after Andrew Capone’s beard gave me a mean look, and I am happy I did. Overall, very satisfying.
Dan Eichinger7.032Good burger but overpriced a little. Burgher (sic) came out quick though, and I like that it was close. Seeing onion straws getting stuck in Capone’s Santa beard was an added bonus.

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