Alchemy N’ Ale

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Alchemy N Ale….


Alchemy N’ Ale has gone out of business since my visit. I left the review up here because I was so proud of my prediction at the end of the review.


…The food came. The arrival of our food marked the last we saw of our waitress, until she returned 30 minutes later with our bill. It is no surprise that she went to hide in the kitchen, because not one person at my table was satisfied with their meal. My burger was overcooked and poorly prepared. Despite being advertised on a Kaiser Roll, it was served on a stale piece of pretzel-bread. The beef was crunchy on the outside and without flavor on the inside. The french fries and burger were served at room temperature, I suppose that they had been sitting out for a bit of time before they made their way to the table. The only redeemable aspect of this burger was the blue cheese and the glaze, which had good flavor and blended well. I am sorry to say that this burger was a bust.


However, the real travesty came at the end of the night, when the bill was delivered. The Waitress had not split the bill, and when we asked her to split it for us, she told us she was unable, citing a policy that forbade this type of convenience for parties of six or more (curious why she so candidly offered at beginning of the meal to split the check for us). Not letting this put us off, we asked her if gratuity was included in the check; she told us she was not sure, and took the bill to the back of the restaurant for 15 minutes. Her behavior was odd and unsettling. Finally she returned the bill, we discovered that there were over twenty dollars of charges for things never ordered or received, and that the prices advertised on the menu were not reflected on the bill. It is worth mentioning that after I finished my first Moscow Mule, and just before I ordered a second, I asked the waitress its price, and she told me 8 dollars (Drink Prices were not listed on the Menu). The price per Moscow Mule on the Bill however was $9.25. In addition, I found it particularly odd that my burger was listed on the receipt as costing $10.60 as opposed to the advertised ten. All and all I will not be returning to Alchemy N’ Ale, and I would recommend that you do not either. They have no respect for their customers, and they do not deserve your business. In fact, I am not sure if it is even worth putting this review up on the internet, because I am confident this restaurant will be out of business in the very near future.



By Andrew Capone

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