My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Applebee’s…


This isn’t a joke; this is how the burger actually looked when it was served to me. I don’t really understand how a restaurant can get away with serving this crap on a dish at $9.00 a plate. What is amazing to me is that the restaurant was almost full. Why do people continually subject themselves to terrible food? I guess its all those commercials and catchy jingles. Either way, I will not be returning to Applebee’s, and neither should you.


I had to post this picture from Applebee’s website because this is how their burger is advertised. In reality, no lettuce, tomato, or pickles were served with my burger. The jalapeños I was served were covered in a thick sugar based goo; and my burger was about half the size of the one pictured to the right. This burger is gross, the whole scene is gross. please don’t eat at eat at Applebee’s. . . ever. The meat was cold, the cheese was room temperature, and the taste rivaled cardboard. Clearly, this burger was prepared by a circus clown.


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By Andrew Capone

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