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My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Bar Louie…

Bar Louie Burger Picture

“What do you expect? It’s dollar burger night?” Rich says, and on Tuesday nights at Bar Louie, Rich is right. First of all, I love the idea of dollar burgers, and this one night a week special includes the option of getting a chicken “burger,” turkey “burger,” or even a portabello mushroom “burger.” I come here frequently on Tuesdays and order a couple of chicken “burgers” (which are really chicken breasts) smothered in buffalo sauce and covered in blue cheese. They are a great value. I can eat a huge dinner and have a beer for about $5 bucks, and it’s a casual bar scene. Unfortunately, these frugal man specialty burgers are not all that delicious.

Dollar Menu Bar Louie

The cheese was flavorless, the grilled onions were pedestrian, the bun was soaked in grease, and the burger meat was of extremely low quality. This burger is the manifestation of its price. These burgers are cooked only one way, which is however the chef happens to feel when he gets your order. No matter how hard you look, consistency just is not on the menu. It wasn’t all bad though – the lettuce was shredded very finely. It would have been great on a taco.



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By Andrew Capone

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