Six Penn Kitchen

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to Six Penn Kitchen…


Clearly Six Penn Kitchen is overly impressed with themselves. Unfortunately, it is nowhere near justified. The food was not good, and it was one of the most expensive burgers I have ever had the misfortune of eating. Located in the theater district, this over-priced mockery of a Pittsburgh restaurant is a tourist trap for those unfortunate enough not to know any better. Buyer be warned, don’t waste your money.


What really infuriates me is that the prices are so high. Where do they get off charging sixteen dollars for a burger worth less than my old worn out holey socks. I am not talking about my fancy argyle work socks either, I am talking about the old gym socks that my wife makes me throw away when I bring them home. Anyways, the burger was served on a waffle, the waffle wasn’t good, the syrup was artificial, the whole experience was bad. The burger was soggy, the flavors blended together to taste like sugar coated cardboard. Please dont eat at Six Penn.



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By Andrew Capone

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