The Sharp Edge Bistro

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to the Sharp Edge Bistro in Sewickley…


The Sharp Edge Bistro leans strongly towards a Gastropub, but falls short on several levels. It has a great beer selection, an eclectic and well put together casual eats menu, and a pretty rad burger selection; but for whatever reason, the restaurant feels artificial, partially because it is so clearly overpriced. The atmosphere at the bar at Sharp Edge is great, the staff is friendly, the other patrons seem community oriented, and the place feels comfortable. On the flip side, the food was average at best, everything in the restaurant was priced about 25% too high, and everything seems to be put together on pretenses. Great beers become a disappointment when they are priced in the 5-7 dollar range, instead of the more appropriate 3-5 dollar range. We are in Pittsburgh after-all, and this isn’t a five star restaurant. I think the reason the Sharp Edge is unable to get out of its own way, is because of its timing. It seemed to pop up in Pittsburgh before the craft beer / gastropub scene became commonplace in our city. Consequently, when they were a novel establishment, they could get away with charging 14 dollars for a bison burger, and 7 dollars for a German Kolsch. Unfortunately for the Sharp Edge, times have changed, there are countless other joints in the area with just as unique offerings, and the novelty of the Gastropub has worn off to Pittsburghers. I had a good overall experience at Sharp Edge, but I would probably not return, there is too much better stuff around at a far better value.


The Sharp Edge Bistro offers lamb, buffalo, chicken, turkey, and beef “burgers.” I put burgers in quotes because I am not 100 percent confident that my definition of a burger allows for the patty to be made of something like chicken. I ordered the Belgian Burger, ground lamb and sirloin with shallot and bacon topped with whole grain mustard and smoked gouda. Unfortunately the taste of the burger was overpowered by the mustard and a salty seasoning. The meat itself was a good texture, but the burger was extremely overcooked. It was served very very well done, and was ordered medium rare. The bun was delicious and crisp, and was probably the best thing about the burger. To my dismay, I would say that this burger was not great and barely good, and at fourteen dollars, a great big swing and a miss.


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Pitts-Burgers4.87Ok Burger, Terrible Price, No thanks
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By Andrew Capone

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