The Wooden Nickel

My quest for the best burger in the City of Pittsburgh took me to the Wooden Nickel…


I was not impressed by the Wooden Nickel. The atmosphere is unwelcoming and campy. White tablecloths, wait staff dressed in all black, elaborate place settings at each seat. Nothing is worth than a dive restaurant that tries to dress itself up and trick its patrons. When the quality of the food at your restaurant is as mediocre as this, maybe its time to tone down the dramatic and work on putting together a solid product. After all that is the point of a restaurant isn’t it?


Instead of reviewing the details of my burger, I am going to tell an anecdote of how creating a culture in your restaurant where customers are treated without proper respect makes you a poor restaurateur. If your bottom line is more important to you than customers satisfaction, then your restaurant is not worth eating at.


My waitress was extremely disingenuous with me. Here is how it went down: I order a cheeseburger; she asks me if I want onions, lettuce and tomatoes on it. I tell her to grill the onions, hold the lettuce and tomatoes, and put some Jalapeño peppers on the burger if they have any. The burger was served just as requested, but when I got the bill, I was up charged an additional two dollars. This up charge was not listed on the menu or disclosed by the waitress, but when I asked her about the 2 dollar fee conspicuously labeled miscellaneous at the bottom of my check, she told me that the restaurant charges a fee of one dollar for the onions and the peppers. I am not the kind of person who is going to argue with the waitress over two dollars, but I will go home and advise my friends and family NOT TO GO TO THE WOODEN NICKEL, because they are more concerned with nickel and diming their customers then providing them with an overall enjoyable experience.


The burger was ok, not great. If you are really interested in my opninion of it, I would encourage you to read the score sheet below.

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ReviewerBurger ScoreReviewOfficial Burger Sheet
Pitts-Burgers5.09Not pleased with this restaurant


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By Andrew Capone

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